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A|X Retail Planning Temporary Associate
Assistant General Manager, A|X Cross County
Assistant General Manager, A|X Mall of America
Assistant General Manager, A|X Outlet Camarillo
Assistant General Manager,Giorgio Armani Ala Moana
Assistant Manager, A|X Cambridgeside
Assistant Manager, A|X Florida Mall
Assistant Manager, A|X Lakeside
Assistant Manager, A|X Mall of San Juan
Assistant Manager, A|X Outlet Camarillo
Assistant Manager, A|X Outlet Clarksburg
Assistant Manager, A|X Outlet Denver
Assistant Manager, A|X Outlet Las Vegas North
Assistant Manager, A|X Outlet Las Vegas South
Assistant Manager, A|X Outlet Norfolk
Assistant Manager, A|X Outlet Phoenix
Assistant Manager, A|X Outlet San Diego
Assistant Manager, A|X Outlet Woodbury
Assistant Manager, A|X Woodfield
Associate Manager, A|X Lincoln Road
Associate Manager, A|X Outlet Dolphin Mall
Cashier, A|X Lenox Square
Cashier, Armani Outlet Cabazon
Client Advisor FT, Armani Outlet Minnesota
Client Advisor, A|X Mall of America
Client Advisor, A|X Aventura
Client Advisor, A|X Cherry Hill
Client Advisor, A|X Cross County
Client Advisor, A|X Dadeland Mall
Client Advisor, A|X Dallas Galleria
Client Advisor, A|X Fashion Square
Client Advisor, A|X Fifth Avenue
Client Advisor, A|X Florida Mall
Client Advisor, A|X Forum Shops
Client Advisor, A|X Houston Galleria
Client Advisor, A|X International Plaza
Client Advisor, A|X Kings Plaza
Client Advisor, A|X Lakeside
Client Advisor, A|X Lenox Square
Client Advisor, A|X Los Cerritos
Client Advisor, A|X Mall at Millenia
Client Advisor, A|X Mall at San Juan
Client Advisor, A|X Mall Del Norte
Client Advisor, A|X Mall of America
Client Advisor, A|X Miami Lincoln Road
Client Advisor, A|X North Park Center
Client Advisor, A|X North Star Mall
Client Advisor, A|X Outlet Cabazon
Client Advisor, A|X Outlet Camarillo
Client Advisor, A|X Outlet Chicago
Client Advisor, A|X Outlet Citadel
Client Advisor, A|X Outlet Dolphin
Client Advisor, A|X Outlet Houston
Client Advisor, A|X Outlet I-Drive
Client Advisor, A|X Outlet Las Vegas North
Client Advisor, A|X Outlet Livermore
Client Advisor, A|X Outlet Rosemont
Client Advisor, A|X Outlet San Diego
Client Advisor, A|X Outlet Sawgrass
Client Advisor, A|X Outlet Seattle
Client Advisor, A|X Outlet Vineland
Client Advisor, A|X Outlet Waikele
Client Advisor, A|X Outlet Woodbury Commons
Client Advisor, A|X Pentagon City
Client Advisor, A|X Queens Center
Client Advisor, A|X Roosevelt Field
Client Advisor, A|X San Diego
Client Advisor, A|X South Coast Plaza
Client Advisor, A|X South Miami Beach
Client Advisor, A|X Staten Island
Client Advisor, A|X Waikiki
Client Advisor, A|X Willowbrook
Client Advisor, A|X Woodfield
Client Advisor, Armani 5th Avenue
Client Advisor, Armani Outlet Cabazon
Client Advisor, Armani Outlet Clinton Crossing
Client Advisor, Armani Outlet Houston
Client Advisor, Armani Outlet Livermore
Client Advisor, Armani Outlet Seattle
Client Advisor, Armani Outlet Woodbury
Client Advisor, EA W Bloomingdales Chestnut Hill
Client Advisor, Giorgio Armani Ala Moana
Coordinator, Accounts Payable
Coordinator, Logistics
Coordinator, Operations
CRM & Client Relations Coordinator
Digital Marketing Manager, E-Commerce
Financial Planning and Control, Mexico
Fitter (Alterations), Giorgio Armani New York
General Manager, A|X Staten Island
General Manager, Giorgio Armani Ala Moana
HRBP, Employee Relations - Retail
Loss Prevention Associate, Armani Outlet Woodbury
Manager, Allocations A|X DMS
Men's Sales Assistant, Giorgio Armani New York
Operations Manager, A|X Kings Plaza
Runner, A|X Fifth Avenue
Sales Assistant, Giorgio Armani San Francisco
Sales Associate (FT), A|X Outlet Wrentham
Sales Associate (PT), A|X Outlet Woodbury
Sales Associate (PT), A|X Outlet Wrentham
Sales Associate FT, A|X Outlet Norfolk
Sales Associate PT, Armani Outlet Minnesota
Sales Associate, A|X Outlet Aurora
Sales Associate, A|X Outlet Chicago
Sales Associate, A|X Outlet Clarksburg
Sales Associate, A|X Outlet Denver
Sales Associate, A|X Outlet Jersey Gardens
Sales Associate, A|X Outlet Las Vegas South
Sales Associate, A|X Outlet Norfolk
Sales Associate, A|X Outlet Philadelphia (PT)
Sales Associate, A|X Outlet Phoenix
Sales Associate, A|X Outlet Rosemont
Sales Associate, A|X Outlet Tampa
Sales Associate, A|X Outlet, Cabazon
Sales Associate, A|X Tanger Outlets at Foxwoods
Sales Associate, Armani Junior New York
Sales Associate, Armani Outlet Cabazon
Sales Associate, Armani Outlet Camarillo
Sales Associate, Armani Outlet Clarksburg
Sales Associate, Armani Outlet Halton Hills
Sales Associate, Armani Outlet I-Drive
Sales Associate, Armani Outlet Las Vegas North
Sales Associate, Armani Outlet North Georgia
Sales Associate, Armani Outlet San Marcos
Sales Associate, Armani Outlet Waikele
Sales Associate, Armani Outlet Woodbury
Sales Associate, Armani Outlet Wrentham
Sales Associate, EA M Bloomingdales North Michigan
Sales Associate, EA Mens Bloomingdales Boca Raton
Sales Associate, EA W Bloomingdales North Michigan
Sales Associate, Emporio Armani Orlando
Sales Associate, Emporio Armani Southpark
Sales Associate, Giorgio Armani Costa Mesa
Sales Associate, Giorgio Armani Manhasset
Sales Associate, Giorgio Armani San Francisco
Sales Associate, Giorgio Armani Valley Fair
Sales Associate. A|X Arden Fair
Sales Manager, A|X Outlet San Marcos
Sales Manager, A|X South Coast Plaza
Sales Manager, Emporio Armani BL Lenox Square
Sales Supervisor, A|X Cross County
Sales Supervisor, A|X Dallas Galleria
Sales Supervisor, A|X Fifth Avenue
Sales Supervisor, A|X Kings Plaza
Sales Supervisor, A|X Lenox
Sales Supervisor, A|X Mall of America
Sales Supervisor, A|X North Star Mall
Sales Supervisor, A|X Queens Center
Sales Supervisor, A|X Roosevelt Field
Sales Supervisor, A|X Willowbrook
Sales Supervisor, A|X Woodfield
Sales Supervisor, Armani Outlet Allen
Sales Supervisor, Armani Outlet Camarillo
Sales Supervisor, Armani Outlet Citadel
Sales Supervisor, Armani Outlet Houston
Sales Supervisor, Armani Outlet Riverhead
Sales Supervisor, Armani Outlet Rosemont
Sales Supervisor, Armani Outlet San Marcos
Seasonal Client Advisor, A|X Lakeside
Seasonal Client Advisor, A|X Queens Center
Seasonal Sales Associate, Lenox Square
Shipping Associate, Armani Outlet Cabazon
Shipping & Receiving Associate, A|X Cambridgeside
Shipping & Receiving Associate, A|X Fifth Avenue
Shipping & Receiving Manager, A|X Arden Fair
Shipping & Receiving Manager, A|X Outlet Camarillo
Shipping & Receiving Manager, A|X Outlet Citadel
Shipping Supervisor Emporio Armani San Diego
Shipping Supervisor, Armani Outlet San Diego
Shop Manager – EA Bloomingdales Valley Fair
Stock Associate - FT, A|X Willowbrook
Stock Associate, A|X Aventura
Stock Associate, A|X Cherry Hill
Stock Associate, A|X Cross County
Stock Associate, A|X Dadeland Mall
Stock Associate, A|X Dallas Galleria
Stock Associate, A|X Fashion Square
Stock Associate, A|X Florida Mall
Stock Associate, A|X Houston
Stock Associate, A|X Kings Plaza
Stock Associate, A|X Lakeside
Stock Associate, A|X Lenox
Stock Associate, A|X Mall del Norte
Stock Associate, A|X Mall of America
Stock Associate, A|X Mall of San Juan
Stock Associate, A|X Miami Lincoln Road
Stock Associate, A|X North Park
Stock Associate, A|X Outlet Cabazon
Stock Associate, A|X Outlet Dolphin Mall
Stock Associate, A|X Outlet I-Drive
Stock Associate, A|X Outlet Vineland
Stock Associate, A|X Pentagon City
Stock Associate, A|X Queens Center
Stock Associate, A|X Roosevelt Field
Stock Associate, A|X San Diego
Stock Associate, A|X South Miami Beach
Stock Associate, A|X Staten Island
Stock Associate, A|X, Waikiki
Stock Associate, Armani Outlet North Georgia
Stock Associate, Armani Outlet Sawgrass
Stock Associate, Armani Outlet Woodbury
Stock Associate, Armani Outlet Wrentham
Stock Manager, A|X Outlet Norfolk
Stock Manager, Armani Outlet Leesburg
Stock Supervisor, A|X Outlet Rosemont
Tailor, Giorgio Armani Houston
Temp Associate Client Advisor, Giorgio Armani LA
Temporary Sales Associate, A|X Fashion Square
Temporary Sales Associate, A|X Outlet Aurora
Temporary Sales Associate, A|X Outlet Rosemont
Temporary Sales Associate, A|X Queens Center
Temporary Sales Associate, A|X Woodfield
Temporary Sales Associate, Armani Outlet Minnesota
Temporary Stock Associate, A|X Woodfield Center
Visual Associate, A|X Roosevelt Field
Women's Sales Associate, Giorgio Armani New York
Women's Sales Manager, Armani Outlet Woodbury
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